Q & A: Wait and fix or list and hope?

264245_8285Q: I’ve heard that the market is good right now and that this time of year is actually an ideal time to sell a home. If I’m considering putting my house on the market, is it better to wait and fix all potential problems or to list immediately and hope that someone is willing to overlook them?

A: It really depends on what the issues are, but the answer is probably a bit of both. Fix any major issues or glaring visual problems before you list, as those will be off-putting to buyers who aren’t going to make a second visit to your home to see your repairs. The longer you wait to list, the more competition you’re going to have, but having a home in excellent shape could potentially mean higher offers.

Before you make any big repairs or renovations, be sure to do some research and make sure that they’ll pay off financially. It’s important to understand that you might only get back a percentage of what you put in. If you can fix up what you have and make it look presentable, you might be able to spend your repair money on something else.

The best option is to hire a real estate agent and have them visit your home and give you advice about your specific property. Maybe some of the things you thought were big issues really aren’t, and maybe they have some additional ideas for ways for you to improve your home without having to spend a lot of time and money doing it.

Best of luck!

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