Upcoming Holiday Events in Marysville, OH

Marysville OH events

Marysville, OH is celebrating the holiday season in a big way this year. Uptown Marysville is hosting several exciting activities over the next two months that you don’t want to miss.

November 7th: Uptown Hullabaloo – Uptown Merchant Open House: Visit the businesses of Uptown Marysville for special discounts and chances to win prizes at the Uptown Christmas Walk on November 30th.

November 7th – 30th: Visit participating businesses for a chance to win goodies at the prize drawing at the Uptown Christmas Walk on November 30th.

November 19th: WQTT 1720 AM – 25 Days of On-Air Christmas: Listen every weekday morning November 19 – December 24 for the sound of Santa’s sleigh. If you hear it, call in for a chance to win a prize from a local business.

November 28th: Small Business Saturday: Support your Uptown Merchants by shopping locally this holiday season.

November 30th: Uptown Christmas Walk: Visit Uptown Marysville for a visit with Santa and his reindeer, dance troupes, and the lighting of the Marysville Christmas tree.

December 6th: Marysville Christmas Parade: Usher in the Christmas season with a holiday parade through Uptown Marysville.

December 12th: Care Train Charity Auction: Help raise funds for food and toys for members of the community who are experiencing economic difficulties.

One of the reasons I love living in Marysville is because of the many opportunities to support local business and to celebrate the community. If you know of any other events happening, let me know and I’ll add them to my list!

For more information about the events listed above, visit www.VisitUptown.org.

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