3 Cleverly Disguised Hide-a-Keys That Will Keep Your Keys Safe

Under a mat or above the door frame are popular spots to hide a spare key, but they’re also the first places that thieves check. Make it harder for them to gain access by making your spare key harder to find.

(Target, $5.49)
(Target, $5.49)

The inside of a thermometer is probably the last place anyone would look for a key, making it a perfect place to hide one.

(Our Pampered Home, $10.20)
(Our Pampered Home, $10.20)

This frog statue is another hide-a-key option that would go unnoticed. Easy access to your key and a cute decoration for your yard.

(Wayfair, $12.95)
(Wayfair, $12.95)

Bury this fake sprinkler next to your shrubs or in the yard, and it’ll fit right in with the landscaping.

No matter where you stash your spare key, be sure to skip the obvious spots and hide it somewhere that no one would think to look.

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