FAQ: What Can I Take with Me When I Sell My Home?

Moving BoxesA: This is a very important question to ask BEFORE you list your home. All too often, I run into issues after sellers take something out of the home, and it’s not noticed until the final walk-thru. It causes a lot of problems. If a buyer makes an offer on a home with a gorgeous crystal chandelier in the entryway and then comes back to find it removed, they’re going to be annoyed (and rightfully so). The chandelier was included when they were shown the home and could have potentially been part of the reason why they decided to make an offer.

If a seller removes something, they’ll either have to put it back (which can take time for the seller and can create friction between the buyer and seller) or will have to pay for the value of the item (which obviously costs money for the seller and can also create friction). The best way to avoid this is to figure out what you can take before you start to pack up.

If you’re selling a home, your best bet is to remove any items that you plan on moving with you before you list your property and to clarify what is going to be included with the purchase of your home with your real estate agent. Buyers want to walk through the home that they’re going to get, and you will run into problems if you try to take a part of that property with you after you’ve signed a contract.


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