5 Ways to Make Moving with Children Easier

To say that moving with children is a challenge is probably the understatement of the year. Moving without children is hard enough, but when you add little ones to the mix, you have to make sure that they’re entertained and out of the way. You might also have to handle their feelings about moving, which is a very delicate matter.

Here are a few ways you can make the moving process a little easier with kids.

– Be honest and up front. Let them know that you’re moving as soon as you find out so that they have time to process it and ask any questions they might have (be prepared for a lot of questions).

– Make them feel like they’re a part of the process. Packing up a room can seem like a huge responsibility to a child, so let them help pack or clean theirs. If they don’t seem excited about helping, try to make a fun game out of it.

– Do a little research. Look up museums, parks, and any other fun activities for kids, and plan a day of “getting to know the neighborhood” where you can explore and visit together. Show them how cool their new neighborhood can be.

– Have a going away party. Moving away from their friends is going to be hard no matter what, but giving them a chance to say goodbye might make things a little easier. Let them have one last chance to play and celebrate with their friends before they leave.

– Keep them busy. If they’re too young to help on moving day, give them plenty to do. You don’t want anyone getting trampled by movers or pulling things out of their place, so give them an activity book or let them watch a movie so that they’re too preoccupied to be in the way.

Leaving a familiar place and moving somewhere new will always be difficult for children, but hopefully these tips will help take them out of panic mode and ease them into a moving mentality.

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