Marysville Mysteries

(photo credit: kasiakay, sxc.hu)

With Halloween only a few days away, I figured I’d share two local legends about some haunted spots in my town.

Founded in 1816, Marysville is a small town in Union County, OH with a rich historical past. A few locations downtown are even said to be haunted. I haven’t had any paranormal experiences in any of these places, but the stories are pretty spooky!

At Hinkley’s (formerly Doc Henderson’s Restaurant and The Castle Bed & Breakfast), there have been reports of people seeing mysterious black shadowy figures during their stay at the Bed & Breakfast. They also reported having eerie feelings, and visitors have even heard voices near the front door when no one else was around.

A former employee of Old Bag of Nails Pub reported experiencing a lot of weird occurrences, including an encounter with an unexplained figure.
“Others I heard, and some I was witness to, consisted of keys coming up missing. Locked alarms being pulled. A picture in the men’s restroom falls off regardless of how its mounted. Footsteps, pans, glasses, bottles moving on their own. All on a fairly regular basis, especially at night.”

Creepy, right?! These stories are all from the Union County Ohio Exploration Society, and they have a few more on their website, too.

Have you ever had an unexplainable thing happen to you?? Share your stories in the comments!


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