Give Your Home a Boost: Kitchen

My clients often ask me what they can do to give their home an advantage over other homes currently on the market. By making a few small changes, you can give your home the extra ‘oomph’ it needs to attract potential buyers during showings and open houses.


The kitchen can be a huge selling point for a home. By making a few small improvements, you can give your kitchen a whole new look. Even if you don’t have the most up-to-date cooking space, you can still make your kitchen look impressive.

– Fix the Cabinets. If your cabinets have doors that don’t close correctly, fix them before anyone comes to look at your home. An askew cabinet door can make the entire kitchen look like it hasn’t been maintained. It’s a small fix, but it makes a big difference.

– Keep it Clean. It matters the most during showings and open houses, but if you always keep your kitchen in tip top shape, you won’t have to rush and clean it before someone shows up. Make sure that the kitchen is as clean as possible and that there are no crumbs or stains on the counter tops or appliances.

– Remove Odors. If you know you’re having an open house or a showing, make sure that your trash has been emptied and that don’t cook anything for a few hours beforehand. Smells can linger, and while you might think your meal smells great, it can be off-putting to someone with different tastes. It might be a temporary smell, but it can have a long-lasting effect on buyers.

– Less is Best. Remove any appliances from your counters to amplify your counter top space. Make sure all dirty kitchen towels find their way into the laundry basket. If you have appliances that can’t be removed, make sure they aren’t taking up more space than they really need to. Take all of your photos off of the fridge (it’s easier for buyers to imagine a space being their own when someone else’s family isn’t staring at them).

The key to a nice kitchen is a clean and open space that allows buyers to imagine cooking and spending time there. Keep it tidy, remove your personal items, and let the space speak for itself.


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