5 Exterior Fixes That Will Help Your House Sell

My clients often ask me what they can do to give their home an advantage over other homes currently on the market. By making a few small changes, you can give your home the extra ‘oomph’ it needs to attract potential buyers during showings and open houses.Home Exterior


Think of the exterior of your home as the face of your home. That face can either look welcoming and friendly or unkempt and uninviting. The exterior serves as the first point of exposure for potential buyers, and their first impressions of the home can have an impact on how they see the rest of the house. By taking a few extra steps and making minor changes, you can get more buyers through the front door.

  • Maintain your Landscaping. While a weed here and there isn’t that big of a deal, a completely unmaintained yard can change the appearance of a house completely. Yard maintenance and landscaping make homes appear well cared for, while messy yards can make homes look run down. Trim your shrubs, pull weeds, and do whatever else you need to do to keep your landscaping in check. If you’re selling and you’ve already moved, pay someone to take care of the yard for you. Whatever your situation, make sure that your yard looks great after it’s listed.
  • Keep the entryway clean. Spider webs, dead bugs, old leaves and other debris can make the entryway of a home look like the entryway to a haunted house. Take a few minutes to sweep your porch on a regular basis. If you have a doormat, make sure that it’s relatively clean and not coated in dirt. If you have flowers near your doorway, make sure that they look healthy and haven’t died.
  • Repaint peeling or badly faded paint. Your buyers will probably request that you fix it anyway, so if you notice any spots that are really bad, just go ahead and repair them. It will give your home an extra boost, and you could attract more buyers.
  • Repair major walkway cracks or holes. If your walkway has any dangerous cracks or holes, have them repaired. Potential hazards are a big turn off to buyers, so fix any problems before you put your home on the market.
  • Remove excessive lawn ornaments/decorations. You might love your lawn gnome collection, but it might be off-putting to interested buyers. While it probably won’t make them change their minds about the house (the gnomes are going with you anyway), it could give them an initial negative impression that could lead them to find other reasons they don’t like the house.

By taking action and following these steps, you can make your home seem more attractive to buyers, which will hopefully help lead to a faster sale.


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